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Although consumers have many types of mattresses to choose from these days, not all of them are created equal. Many mattresses do not offer the level of comfort and support that is needed for a truly restful sleep. When someone tosses and turns all night, they wake up tired and in pain. With the DreamCloud, a better night’s sleep is much easier to come by so individuals can wake feeling rested.

Why Is the DreamCloud Mattress Preferred?

The DreamCloud mattress offers extreme comfort for sleepers with its fifteen-inch thickness. The top layer is made from decadent cashmere that has been hand-tufted. This mattress covering is silky soft against the skin and make a person feel like they are sleeping in a five-star resort hotel.

This plush Euro-top mattress has enough comforting padding to mold against all of the curves of the body so a person feels as if they are truly sleeping in a cloud, with no pressure on any points of the body. Traditional mattresses often cause gaps that lead to pressure point formation which can cause pain and make a person wake with stiffness.

Unlike some mattresses, which lose support towards the sides, the DreamCloud features the perfect level of sidewall support so the mattress retains the same level of comfort and support from edge to edge. When someone sleeps on the edge of the mattress, they will not feel as if they have no support like some other mattresses cause.

Benefits of the DreamCloud Mattress

There are many benefits to purchasing the DreamCloud mattress. The following are some of the benefits that are offered by the manufacturers.

  • A free cleaning of the mattress after one year of use
  • A free reconditioning service after five years of use
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A one-year risk-free sleep trial

If you are tired of tossing and turning each night, just to find some level of comfort on your old mattress, now is the time to check out the DreamCloud mattress and all it has to offer sleepers. Visit the website today and you can learn more about the details online so you can decide if the DreamCloud is for you.